Worm World

Worm World  Bottles clanked merrily as Noah strode down the narrow hallway. Pads of snow twirled off his padded thermal jacket, which he unzipped clumsy with a heavily gloved hand. The man stop as he reached a closed doorway, golden rays of a halogen bulb bled from the space between the door and rooms cosy […]

The Collapsar Directive – It’s almost here!

Twenty one science fiction short stories from authors all around the universe.   I bring this news with utter excitement! The anthology that I’m going to make my first published debut in is almost here. Pre-orders are already available for the E-book format, with pre-orders coming soon for the paperback editions! Take some time to […]

The Collapsar Directive!

Unfortunately, I have been very quiet lately and have had little time to indulge in my writing. However the end of the university year is drawing to a close and as I surpass this new horizon, I’ll be able to eagerly delve straight back into my story writing! However there is news! I’m going to […]

Beyond the Windowpane

Jak brought a soap sudded sponge across a dinner plate, whilst staring aimlessly out of the kitchen window, paying little attention to the task at hand. Limply, he passed the plate over to Vikram who stood beside him, tea towel hanging from his fingers. “You haven’t cleaned this one properly! Look!” Vikram exclaimed, thrusting the […]

A World Within

A row of LED’s flashed gently and a faint hum could be heard coming from the technical equipment around them, but apart from that the room was silent. Agata squeezed a small silver pouch that she held in both of her hands. She brought the small packet up to her mouth and sipped at the […]

A Glimpse Beyond

He stared up at the bright illuminescent nights sky above. A hue of gentle colours added a soft back drop to the magnificent star scape. Each one of you stars have a story to tell. He thought to himself. But you tell them in a language that we are yet to understand. Stories of the […]