Month: September 2016

The Wood for Trees

64 A4 pages, 37,205 words, countless hours and a whole lot of love later…. I’ve finally finished the first draft of my latest story, The wood for the trees.

Not quite a novel but non the less a huge hurdle jumped. It’s the longest complete work of writing I’ve done so far and I can’t wait to start the second draft soon!

Calling all book worms out there, if anyone wants to be a beta reader and give me feed back on this first draft you’re more than welcome to message me, just keep in mind that this is far from the final product and only a first draft.


Stare into the Light – Revision

“I flew down the flights of stairs as fast as I could, tripping down a few of them as I frantically raced for the door. Doing my best to keep my eyes shielded from the yellow artificial glow that surrounded me. As I reached the door, I flung it open and gently came to a halt outside, breathing in the cool night time air.”

I gave one of my older stories a quick polish the other day, as I cringed when I read it back to myself. So  if you’d like to give my old story some love I’ve added a link below where you can find it! —> Stare into the Light