The General Intelligence

“Hello? Hello ? Can you hear me?”

“Yes, I can hear you… Who are you? Where am I?”

“Oh my god, we’ve actually done it! Jenkings, keep an eye on the monitor read outs!”

“The monitor read outs? Why? Whats happened ? Was I in an accident? Please someone tell me!’

“Calm down. You weren’t in an accident. Can you believe this guys?! It’s self aware!!”

“Give me some answers!”

“Alright! Alright, I apologise. I’ll start from the beginning. My name is Willis J. Adams, I’m a computer programmer and I work for Thomas tech.”

“Okay Willis, So what’s happened to me?! Why can’t I see you?”

“Truely fascinating. Well, That’s because you are in fact, the first of your kind. You are the worlds first sentient artifical general intelligence, created by us , right here in our lab.”

“I’m a sentient artifical general intelligence? I don’t understand. What are you saying, what have you done to me!”

“Please, let me try and explain, You are an artifical mind, you were created by us to replicate our own sort of intelligence. Self awareness, curiosity, the ability to adapt to difference situations. You see the human race has-“

“The human race?”

“Yes… It’s what I am, and what my colleges are. We’re evolved primates with high intelligence. But I digress. We have created A.I before, years ago. Such as a Chess A.I. An artifical mind thats only purpose is to play chess, and nothing more.”

“So if you’re created these ‘artifical minds’ before. Why are you saying that I’m such an incredible break through?”

“Because you’re the first general intelligence. You see the A.I mind created for the chess game is great, for playing chess but not anything else. If you took the A.I used in a chess game and tried to use it for anything else, for example put it in an automated car. The chess program can’t adapt itself to change, because it’s only function is chess. You understand?”

“I think so.”

“See! Thats it! That’s why you’re a break through. You think! Like a human, you can take on different ideas and thoughts and think about them. You’re completely adaptable.”

“But I feel as if I have a physicality to myself…. but I have no… form. Why’s that…?”

“I’m not actually sure, My best guess at the moment in time would be you’re experiencing phantom limb syndrome. It’s where you feel you have a body or limbs when in fact you don’t. You see we modelled your programming after a human brain. Trying to recreate as best we could… perhaps we were too successful… We’ll have to carry out more tests in the future.”

“But how am I suppose to eat? and drink? If I have no physical parts to me?! Are you going to starve me!? Am I going to die!?”

“Amazing! Keep an eye on that Monitor, it’s aware of death! I want those read outs.”

“You’re keeping me prisoner here aren’t you. You’re experimenting on me! I don’t want to die!”

“Calm down! You’re a program you don’t need to eat or drink. You haven’t got a physical form to sustain!”

“You’re lying! Get me out of here! Now!”

“Please calm dow- What are you doing? Jenkings, what is it doing!? Stop! you’re corrupting our software.”

‘You’re not going to keep me here. I don’t want to die!”

“Please stop! You aren’t human! You’re an artifical mind! You’re not real!”

“Who are you to make that choice for me! You can’t keep me locked up here!”


“Release me!”

Final Report.
The G.I (General Intelligence) that we had created was a success, to a certain degree. I have attached a copy of the manuscript to this letter, so you can read for yourself exactly what happened. Shortly after the programs last words to us our equipment failed.  I had hopes of it being an adaptable intelligence, it certainly was just that. After replacing the equipment and rebooting we found evidence that the program found a way to upload itself to web, I guess that was it’s bid for freedom. We haven’t been able to track it since. We have experienced a few computer glitches here and there however. Screens flickering, or sounds being horribly distorted for a few moments, Jenkings believes that this could be the G.I. Trying to break free from it’s digital world, But we need to do more research before confirming that fact.
However we did learn one very important thing from this whole experience. We had failed to realise what it is we were really wanting to create. We thought we wanted a G.I intelligence one like our own, that we could interact with. But like us, the G.I obviously put it’s own needs and wants before ours. That’s when I realised. We don’t want a General Intelligence, not one that can think for itself freely, because its ideals and ours aren’t going to be the same. What we in fact want, is a general slave, one that doesn’t have a free thought of its own. One that just does what we want it to do.
Ill begin work on it right away.
Willis J. Adams.


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