A World Within

A row of LED’s flashed gently and a faint hum could be heard coming from the technical equipment around them, but apart from that the room was silent. Agata squeezed a small silver pouch that she held in both of her hands. She brought the small packet up to her mouth and sipped at the flavoured water contained within it. A blob of droplets joined together and slipped from the small packet and past her mouth.
“God dammit!” she grumbled as she floated gently upwards to catch the water, which was moving away from her towards the ceiling. “I’ll never get used to drinking in zero gravity Fraser. Never. I can repair a spacecraft, I can pilot one and I can even land the damn thing. But I can’t get to grips with this stuff! Erugh!”
“There is a certain knack to it. You’ve either got it, or you ain’t” Fraser replied mockingly with a smirk. He tossed a walnut into the air and glided towards it before chomping down on small piece of food, with little effort.
Agata frowned. “Show off.” she mumbled. “Soon we’ll be back on earth and once again be subject to gravity and it’s full beautiful effects. So we can drink and eat like civilised people.”
Fraser chuckled heartily “You don’t half make me laugh sometimes. How long do you think it’ll be before we reach earth exactly.”
“Just under 24 hours I reckon. As soon as we get to Jupiter we can use its gravitational pull as a sling shot and be back home in no time.” She replied with a smile.

In less than a moment, her smile had vanished from her face. An alarm rang out around the cabin, and a control room was washed in a deep red light. Agata instantly swung herself towards her piloting console and clambered into a seat. Instantly she began hammering at the buttons, she turned her head and yelled at Fraser who was still floating blissfully in the middle of the cockpit.
“We’ve got company! An unknown ship is coming straight for us from the stern! Get strapped in!” Agata held in a button on her command console and called the ships last crew member. “Gaio. We’re under attack! Get up here now!” A faint female voice replied instantly through the small speaker. “I’m on my way commander!”
“They’ve locked onto us! Incoming fire!” Fraser reported urgently.
“Where the hell did they come from!?” Gaio voice called out anxiously, as she swung into the room with the others. She too glided her way to last piloting seat in the control room.
“It doesn’t matter now, Make sure you’re all strapped in, I’m taking evasive maneuvers.”
Agata tugged harshly at the straps that kept her tightly secured to her pilots seat. Ensuring she was locked in properly and didn’t end up floating off in spaces zero gravity. She lunged forward for the manual controls, and pulled them hard to her right. The craft veered violently starboard.
The three of them sunk harshly into their binds as the heavy hull of ship swung to one side. Agata groaned slightly in discomfort as the straps dug into her skin, yet remaining completely focused on the controls and the situation at hand.
All of a sudden the craft shook tremendously, as one of the attacking spacecrafts weapons found its target, narrowly hitting the stern of the ship.
Agata yelled out to her crew mate “Fraser! We need a visual on that ship ASAP!”
“I’m working on it, there’s magnetic interferences messing up some of the scanners.” He replied as he desperately punched at multiple keys that lay before him, in hope that the distorted visuals displayed some form of coherent picture.
“That would be because we’re fast approaching Jupiter.” Agata replied sternly “Gaio! Can’t you counter act it?”
Gaio was frantically working as fast as she physically could in the low gravity environment. Throwing out her lightly muscled limbs towards different dials and buttons that littered her own control console.
“Give me a moment!” Gaio shouted in reply. “I’m going as fast as I can!” She fiddled with the controls and slowly turned a dial, increasing their own spacecrafts artificial electromagnetic field. “Try now, the two fields should have cancelled each other out by some measure.”
The chaotic static that ran ablaze on Frasers screen suddenly seized and a clear picture appeared in it’s place. “We’ve back online!” Fraser announced in excitement. “I’ve got a visual the attacking ship. …It’s an Amodeian Rebel vessel.”
“Disgusting Pirates. They must of heard of our cargo!”
“They’re preparing to fire again!”
Agata took evasive action once more. Causing the sleek craft to swerve downwards, creeping ever closer to the mighty gas giant that lay to their starboard side. “Make sure you keep most of the interference at bay. I’m going to stay as close as I can to the planet.” Agata called out.
“Make sure you’re careful! If we get swept up by Jupiter’s raging gas storms we’re finished!” Gaio replied in dismay. Whilst still working vigorously with the controls in front of her. “We’ll be torn to pieces by the pressure. There’s a reason humans used to use this planet as a form of garbage disposal!”
“Don’t you think I know that Gaio!” Agata growled.
Another strike collided heavily with the hull of the spacecraft, and a loud noise rang out as some of the re-enforced metal buckled under the blast.
“These guy’s aren’t giving up!”
“They’re fast approaching our Port side!” Fraser exclaimed as he continued to monitor the scene taking place outside in deep space. The large Amodeian vessel was baring down on them, Two of its propulsion engines turned slightly and spewed high pressured gas out into space. Causing it to swerve sidewards swiftly towards Agata’s craft. Moving in for the kill.
It was an terrifying spectacle to behold. A variety of modified weapons adorned the hull of the large ship. Jet black solar panels covered most of the exterior and a bright red metallic trim ran between them, giving the war machine a venomous appearance. Additionally two sharp blood red fins stood atop of the two propulsion engines at the back of the ship. Black and red, the typical colours of the Amodeian rebel faction.
Agata’s spacecraft sped onwards through the empty vacuum, staying parallel to the giant gas planet Jupiter. The dark Amodeian vessel was in quick pursuit, carefully aiming it’s many weapons towards the defenceless cruiser.
“How we looking Fraser…?” Agata asked calmly.
“We’re doing okay.” He replied. “We’re dealing with Jupiter’s pressure and magnetic field well. But the damaged we’ve sustained has weakened the structure of the ship slightly”
“That’s good to hear. This ship was designed to withstand intense pressures. Hopefully we can hold out.” Agata flicked some switches at to the left of her manual flight controls. “Plus, with any luck we can use the planets gravity to-” She was cut off suddenly by Fraser frantically shouting.
“Pull up! Pull up! They’ve dived beneath us and they’re locking on their weapons again!”
The captain leaned back hard in her chair, pulling on down on the controls as she it. The craft shot upwards from the pursuing Amodeian ship that had sneaked below them.
“They’re trying to force us into Jupiter’s halo ring.”
Agata was silent for a second as she thought about the options that lay open to them. “We can’t fly directly into the ring above us. We’ll be caught up in the debris. Then most likely be shot by a flash blast.”
“But a flash blast will only stun the ship, not destroy it…” Gaio said, confused by Agata’s prediction.
“They’re not trying to destroy us, if they were they would have done it by now. They’re trying to seize our cargo and as you both know we can’t let it fall into enemy hands. Especially not the Amodeians….” Agata thought to herself for a moment “I say we dive directly into Jupiter.”
Agata’s rash comment was met with an uneasy silence, as the two other crew tried to process the notion that she had just suggested.
“But that’s certain death…” Gaio murmured quietly, looking down blanking at her console.
“Not necessarily, this ship can withstand intense pressures. If we dive in for just a moment, we will be completely hidden from sight. We can also ride the storm, even if it’s only for a moment, we’ll end up well out of view of that ship, plus there is no way that they will follow us in there. The Amodeian’s ships are brilliant, but they’re fragile. They’ll crumble if they get any closer to the planet.” She took a slow breath before finishing “and even if we are destroyed… at least our shipment won’t fall into their hands.”
The crew took a brief moment to reflect on what had been said, before the ship shook heavily once again.
“We haven’t got time to think about it this!” Agata cried out urgently.
“Do it!” Gaio cried out.
Agata pulled hard on the controls a final time and directed the craft straight into the gaseous storms of Jupiter. In an instant, they were completely engulfed and vanished beneath the thick raging winds.
The ship span out of control as Jupiter’s furious tempest threw them about violently. The craft itself groaned loudly as the weakened hull began to strain and slowly crumple beneath the intense pressures.
Agata tried her best to reach the manual controls again, but the sheer G forces being exerted upon all of them made that an impossible task. Nether the less, she shouted out as loud as she possibly could to her crew, trying to ensure she was heard above the tremendous noise of the horrific storm outside. “Hold on guys! We’re going to get out of this! Were goin-” She was jolted forward viciously as the craft stuck with even more violent unforgiving turbulence and jolted in an unsuspecting manner. Her head collided head against the glass computer monitors in front of her and smashed one of the screen. Agata then lost all consciousness. The Gaio and Fraser quickly followed, one by one they turned white, as the G-forces dragged all the blood in their bodies from their heads. They lay their motionless, as the small craft vanished further into the eternal red, brown and orange storms of Jupiter.

She drew a sharp but deep breath and slowly lifted her sore head off of the broken monitor. Whilst bringing her hand up to her forehead, dabbing gently. Fresh warm blood trickled down her delicate fingers.
After several slower breaths she noticed something extremely peculiar and somewhat alien to her. “…Gravity” She whispered to herself in amazement. It had be a long while since she had felt the weight of her arms and body. She froze for a moment in awe, before reaching for the latch of her seat restraints. Once the three straps had been removed she stood up on both feet.
It had been so long since she had felt the amazing universal force. Agata began lifting her arms up and down, fully appreciating the feeling of weight on her body. Finally finishing up with a jump. God it feels good not floating. She thought to herself, but after the astonishment had settled a troubling question rested in forefront of her mind… How can there be gravity… Where are we..?
She immediately observed the rest of the room, and found that only Gaio still remained seated… Fraser was no where to be seen. She sprinted across to Gaio who was still unconscious. Agata lay both hands upon her and shook gently.
“Gaio.. Pssst… Gaio Wake up…” After placing two fingers on the unconscious woman’s neck, Agata quickly found that by some miracle that she was also still alive! Then, an unsettling creaking noise came from behind them.
Agata jumped round in an instant, grabbing the nearest hard metal object that she could find, that happened to be a piece of debris from the hull. Her heart began pounding as she heard heavy footsteps approaching towards the main door that led from the cockpit to the rest of the craft. The footsteps stopped just before reaching the entrance to the cabin. A muffled voice called out “Agata…? Are you awake?”
The makeshift weapon was still poised steadily in Agatas firm hands, she slowly replied back “Fraser…?”
The man slowly walked in, clad head to toe in a bulky protective suit. “You’re going to need to get yours on as well, I’ve managed to get a few readings and the pressure out side of the craft is extremely high compared to the pressure within here. We also sustained significant damaged from the attack and crash landing… so this craft isn’t going to hold out for much longer. Hurry!” Frazer said urgently. “I’ll stay and try to get Gaio awake.”
In a instance, Agata had belted out of the doorway and down the long corridor. Which was of a typical circular design with a small flat floor section cut into the bottom, so crew could still to be able to walk down it whilst on planets with gravity.
She reached the third door down and darted left. Inside stood two suits. Both were bulky, but designed to provide basic protection whilst exploring different planets. They were completely air tight, provided a stable supply of oxygen and pressure resistance.
Agata clambered inside one of the metallic and plastic, blue exo-suits. Both feet automatically strapped in and the rest of the suit began to shrink down. Parts of it folded and morphed as it minimised itself to fit Agatas body more comfortably. The final part of the protective suit flung over her head. A large solid reinforced glass dome quickly drew from the back of the suit and connected into a narrow rim at the front, protecting Agatas head within a large clear sphere. She inhaled deeply as the oxygen supply kicked in, the crisp clean air raced through her lungs as she inhaled deeply. Agata relished the moment.
The hull of the craft began grunting once again. She looked upwards and saw some of the metal work above her started to morph more out of shape. “Oh no…”
Once more she sprinted back down the narrow corridor as fast as she possibly could, even though the heavy suit bore down on her. Agata burst back into the cockpit to find Fraser, who was still desperately trying to awaken their fellow team mate, Gaio.
“Wake up! You need to get a suit! Gaio!” Fraser shook her limp body vigorously. She murmured softly.
“Quick Fraser get her to a suit! The Ship’s about to collapse!”
“Gaio! Please!”
The hull finally gave way and all hell broke loose. The dense pressure from the outside of the craft suddenly rushed into the low pressured compartment. In a single instant Gaio was crushed to death beneath the sudden force, she exploded into a sickeningly vibrant display of deep red. A splatter of crimson raced across Frazers dome visor.
Both himself and Agata were thrown backwards and collided heavily with the tall metal wall on the opposite side of the room.
The two of them grunted as they struggled to wrestled with the intense forces that were baring down upon them.
“It should subside in a minute Fraser! When the pressure in here, is the same as the pressure on the outside!” Agata grunted loudly, making sure that she could be heard above the infernal commotion of objects colliding with one another and items being crushed.
Before too long the racket slowly subsided as the pressure within the craft reached an equilibrium and the force that had pinned Agata and Fraser down began to ease off.
Agata got back onto both feet. Using every inch of weakened muscle , for despite the pressure settling down it didn’t make it any less dense and she quickly found that moving about in the new environment was like wading through an invisible lead soup.
She offered an outstretched hand to Fraser, and pulled him upright. Fraser thanked her quietly, his voice muffled by the suit. Although the words fell on dead ears. Agatas attention was brought to the streak of blood that ran across Frasers visor.
She turned round to face the rest of the room, which had become unrecognisable. Everything had been twisted, upturned and distorted into strange angles. With great sorrow she knew that somewhere within the chaos before her was one of her crew, and one of her friends… The only remnants of which was the odd piece of flesh and the red stain that painted the abstract scene.
Fraser whispered quietly behind her “Gaio…” With both eyes closed he said a faint pray for their friend.
Agata watched on somberly and gently nodded her head when he had finished the small tribute. “Right.” Fraser said determinedly “Let’s find out what the hell is going.”
Agata turned round once more and inspected the dented hull that stretched up above her. She noticed a crack in the steel work and, with an outstretched hand, began to pull hard on the broken piece of brittle metal.
Her Exo-suit provided her with a bit of extra mechanical strength and within moments she had torn a gap just about wide enough for them both to squeeze through. Agata proceeded to go first, continuing to bend the sheet as she stepped out into the unknown world that they had somehow landed upon.

Copper coloured sand littered the ground and stretched out as far as the eye could see . Strangely shaped jagged rocks protruded from the auburn desert in bizarre angles and the entire environment was brightly lit with a crisp light, which reflected off of the stony landscape in a blinding manner.
Agata squinted her eyes trying to find the source of the light, to only make a more harrowing discovering.
“What the hell…” Fraser said in astonishment as he too stepped out onto the dusty alien world. “Where is this place?”
“Look up.” Agata replied, her view fixated towards the heavens.
With a look of bemusement Fraser turned his attention upwards. High above them was what appeared to be a solid layer of stormy clouds that made up the entire atmosphere. Vibrant stripes of red, brown and purple raced across the sky and ran all the way down to the horizon. The multi-coloured celestial sphere above them was visibly moving, albeit not very quickly. Each of the stripes were gently flowing and fluctuating next to one another.
“But… But that…” Fraser stammered, unable to get the words out as he stumbled slightly in amazement.
Agata turned her head to look back across as her friend who remained stunned in silence. “I know. Fraser. I think we’re inside Jupiter.”
The thought was incomprehensible, yet Agata couldn’t fathom how they could be anywhere else.
“But how!?” Fraser exclaimed in dismay. “Jupiter doesn’t have a surface!? It’s a made entirely of gas! It’s a gas giant for crying out loud! M-Made of gas! How can this be!?”
Agata thought to herself for a moment, before looking back up at the raging gaseous storms that sat high above them. Agata then replied “I don’t know for sure. But the best guess I have is that this place we’re on now is in the centre of a giant storm. Similar to how an eye of the storm is calm, except this storm is on an colossus scale.”
“It’s unbelievable…” Fraser said to himself quietly. The two stood silently and watched the incredible Jupitan sky above them.
“Come on then” Agata snapped suddenly. “Let’s go and explore!”
Fraser looked at her dumbfounded, “Shouldn’t we work on finding a way off this place first, before sight seeing?” he suggested in a sarcastic tone.
“We haven’t got a hope in hell of getting out of here.” Agata noted bluntly. “We haven’t even got a spacecraft that’s in one piece and even if we did, We were nearly torn completely apart on the way in. There would be little chance of us piercing through the storms that surround us a second time and survive.”
A glum look came over Fraser face as he came to terms with the reality of the situation.
“But this planet has surprised us. We didn’t think that ‘this’ was possible.” Agata spread out her arms to encompass the terrain around them. “So who knows. We don’t know what we might find on this planet. Come on.” After finishing her sentence Agata began to put one foot in front of the other. Fraser followed and they slowly started their journey.
The two of them proceeded to investigate the bizarre landscape that they found themselves in. The heavy suits and dense air pressure made navigating troublesome. Not to mention that the prolonged weightlessness that they had be subjected to navigating deep space had severely weakened their muscles. Which caused the struggle to be ever more greater.
The large metallic feet of the exo-suits sank in a layer of soft undisturbed sand with every step. Agata gazed up at the giant rocks that extended out from the ground. The harsh and unforgiving Jupitan winds had slowly sculpted the abstract shapes over seemingly thousands of years. There was a light haze around them as the slowly increasing winds swept up the coarse sand into the air. Yet they were still able to see, way above them, the ever present Jupitan sky. The thick mighty gaseous storms that imprisoned the planet and blocked out the rich universe beyond.
However one thing still puzzled Agata. Light was always present on Jupiter, yet there appeared to be no visible light source. The suns rays wouldn’t be able to pierce the outer layer of gas, so how they were both able to still see was a mystery. I’m going to be dead soon anyway. She thought to herself. No point in stressing over it.
Two hours had passed and both Agata and Fraser began to tire, Agata more so. Despite how much time had passed, there seemed to be no difference in the level of light. The winds began picking up and a brooding sandstorm grew more relentless. Fraser looked up at the horizon and saw a strange faint hazy outline. “Agata. Look!” Fraser raised his arm out towards the odd distance object. “That doesn’t look like the rest of the stone pillars around here!”
Agata gazed over at the unfocused outline. “Let’s go check it out!” she shouted, ensuring that Fraser was able to hear her over the now intense winds that raced hissed past them. Fighting strong against the increasing storm, the two of them slugged onwards. Working their way up a steady sanding incline that led to the elusive object.
As they approached the strange rock, the two of them began to inspect it. The structure towered above them and Agata ran gauntlets of the Exo-suit along the large wall of stone. then to her surprise she found an opening. “It’s some sort of cave!” She cried “Let’s can take shelter inside till this ghastly storm dies off.”

Light was particularly absence inside the cave and Agata stumbled in blindly, with Fraser following close behind her. A bright ray of a light beamed from the chest piece of their exo-suits as they examined their new surroundings. They were stood in a large open space, surrounded by tall walls of stone that extended a meter or so above them. Agata turned to investigate the other side of the peculiar room. To find a square gap ,that reached up from the floor, in the centre of the wall opposing her.
She called out to Fraser “Look at that…”
Fraser span round to look upon the wall as well.
“I think this place was built…” Agata said slowly as she stepped closer nervously. “This cave is too square to occur naturally and this opening here, it looks like it’s carved out of the rock… ”
As she passed through the opening she was met with another large room. After a brief glimpse over the new area, something caught her eye. Agata turned to her left and shone the light from her chest piece up onto the wall in front of her.
A plethora of pictures spanned the wall. Bizarre, abstracted shapes protruded softly out of the wall. Non-humanoid figures danced across the stone. Each depictions had been chiseled out of the rock and stood slightly embossed. Agata stood back, shocked by the discovery, to try and see the entire length of the image before her.
Fraser eventually made his way into the same room and noticed the pictures as well. “Jesus. What do you think they are?”
Agata shook her head gently. “I couldn’t begin to tell you. But I think this place was built by a race of Jupitans… ”
“If that’s the case… Where are they all?” Fraser questioned softly. He stepped forward and a loud crack echoed round the still room. The sudden noise startled them both.
“What was that!?” Agata exclaimed as she span round quickly, nearly falling over as she did so.
“I think I stepped on something…” Fraser knelt down and brushed away some of the sand that blanketed the floor. When he stood back up again, he held a piece of broken bone in his left hand.
A cold shiver ran down Agatas spine. She watched as Fraser dropped the unknown bone fragment. The two of them scurried out of the primitive building as fast as they could. When they stumbled back outside they found that the storm had died down. The air was clear once again, just as it had been when they first stepped out into the vast desert, and now a new spectacle caught their eye.
“Oh my goodness.” Agata exclaimed. “There’s loads of them.” More of the simplistic stone buildings surrounded them and in the ever visible crisp Jupitan light, it was easy to see that the structures were not a product of nature.
However just off set, about a mile or so into the distance, stood a marvelous structure unlike the stone huts that lay scattered about the desert. It bore much resemblance to a cathedral found on earth. However the connection was purely a coincidental one. Two grand columns stood tall, made out of a light yellow brick. Several long spikes adorned the top of both columns. Between them lay what appeared to be an entrance to the mysterious building.
“Who knew this planet held so many unimaginable wonders.” Agata whispered quietly to herself. “It’s a shame that no one else will ever know that all this stuff is here…”
“We’ve got several hours of oxygen left.” Fraser said reassuringly, as he breathed heavily. Exhausted from the days trek. “We’ve probably got enough time to check that out before we…” His sentence trailed off.
Agata smiled weakly at him through her visor. Appreciative of the fact he was trying to keep their spirits up. They set off in silence, in hopes of reaching the temple that sat in the soft sand far ahead.
The small structures that stood around them seemed to stretch on eternally into the distance and the two great towers ahead only seemed to get closer ever so slightly. The day had been long, the planets gravity was a heavy burden that dragged on them both. But they continued to slug onwards regardless, and after a grooling 40 minute slog, they arrived before the steps that lead deep into the beautiful alien structure that stood before them.

The two of them climbed the stone steps, and made there way into the building. The roof above them had large squares segments carved out, which flooded the room with the mysterious light of Jupiter. Just as they had found in the small house like structure before, large artistic carvings were etched out of the walls around them. However, perhaps the most peculiar feature of all stood at the far end of the oblong room. A small lonely pedestal.
Without saying a word the two explorers approached it. Drawn in by their natural curiosity and as they approached closer they began to notice that something lay upon the rock plinth.
“What the hell is that?” Fraser said in a low tone, as he picked up a small fragment off the platform. He held the jet black object very delicately in his gauntlets, as to ensure he did not damage the frail material. “This looks like the remains of a solar panel” he said, puzzled. He turned his head to see Agata bending down to take a closer look at the pile.
“I know exactly what this is. It’s an old space probe.”
“A space probe?”
“Yeah, mankind threw loads of them out into space back in the early 21st century.”
“How’d you reckon this one ended up here?”
“Do you remember what Gaio said earlier. Before we crashed? Humans used to use Jupiter as a place to dispense of rubbish. More often than not once a probe had fulfilled its purpose they’d fly it into Jupiter thinking the storms would quickly dispose of it. Clearly this fella here got through, just as we did, and the local Jupitians must have found it…” Agata paused. “That still troubles me…. Where are they all?”
Fraser looked across into Agatas crystal blue eyes. “I have no – ” He lost his train of thought as he focused on a picture set on the wall behind Agata.
“What? What is it?” She asked in earnest.
Fraser ran over to the wall and inspected the pictures. “Tell me that ‘that’ doesn’t look like the space probe right here…”
Agata approached the wall and turned her head on its side as she puzzled over the picture. “Now that you mention it… Yeah, It does. I looks like its coming from sky. Like some sort of angel. I suppose these are the local Jupitans…”
The two of them began inspecting all of the small details of the pictures that surrounded them in the temple, they quickly understood that the pictures flowed in a line round the temple walls, and together, they depicted a story. Slowly they came to understand what the pictures were detailing.
The spaceprobe had been driven into Jupiters thick atmosphere and managed to break through the gas barrier. It fell down to the ground like an angel descending from the heavens. The Jupitians found this strange deity and believed it to be a sign from their creator. They had been experiencing poor harvests at the time and many were dying of starvation. The space probe was Gods hand, extending out to them from a world beyond theirs, from the realms of the Gods!
But suddenly more Jupitans unexpectedly started to die. Even more so than before and the spaceprobe was quickly accused of being a ravage demon that had come to inflict its wrath upon them all. They tried to appease the vengeful beast, by building it a temple, by offering it food and riches. But nothing quelled the malicious monster and the entire Jupitan race vanished. Only the demon remained, set alone in his temple.
“An infection…” Agata whispered. “The Probe must have carried bacteria from earth… and infected them all… It was us. We killed them.”
After coming to an understanding of what had happened, Agata glumly left the alien temple. Fraser turned and followed her back outside to the ghostly desert.
“Only an hour of oxygen left.” Agata said as she sunk down onto the ground.
Fraser pressed his lips together and tried to think up a reply, but found he couldn’t and squinted back up at the grand temple instead.
“We’re such a cancerous life form.” Agata grumbled. “No matter where we go, no matter what we do. We always end up killing something. We’re a bloody infection in the galaxy.”
“Agata, Don’t say that. That probe was most likely sent here in order to try avoid infecting undiscovered life. It’s just sods law that; one, Jupiter has actually has a surface within it and; two, that the surface was populated.” Fraser reassured her.
“Doesn’t matter anyway.” She replied. “We’re going to be dead too soon and add to this graveyard.”
“Hey.” Fraser replied sternly. “Don’t talk like that! It’s like you said earlier! This planet has surprised us. There could still be life here. We’ve got nothing to lose if we keep searching. Perhaps this is like an ancient race or something? Like the Egyptians or the Sumerians back on Earth. Come. Let’s keep moving.” He stretched out a hand towards Agata, who sighed heavily before grasping it and being pulled back onto her feet.
“So what’s the plan now Bear Gyrlls.”
Fraser chuckle slightly, and turned his head to scale the horizon briefly. Then the two of them headed off away from the hollow temple and the ancient barren graveyard. Venturing off once more, into the seemingly empty deserts of Jupiter.

“I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.” – The Dalai Lama.

To be continued…?


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