Fowl Play – Part 2: Breathe

The four students piled into the room hastily and found themselves in a small laboratory. The room was a long rectangular shape. 12 desks, arranged 3 by 4, stood near them, facing towards a large white board that was fixed to the wall. Surrounding the arrangement of chairs was a long singular white work table […]

Fowl Play – Part 1: Run

It was a quiet and blissful day. A clear blue blanketed the sky above, accompanied with crisp midday sunlight. The golden rays bled through the open shutters of a study room, in which 6 students were present. Each of them sat at a table with a personal laptop and their notes scattered out in front […]

The General Intelligence

“Hello? Hello ? Can you hear me?” “Yes, I can hear you… Who are you? Where am I?” “Oh my god, we’ve actually done it! Jenkings, keep an eye on the monitor read outs!” “The monitor read outs? Why? Whats happened ? Was I in an accident? Please someone tell me!’ “Calm down. You weren’t […]

Grey Eyed Octopus

I gently lowered the small octopus into a glass tank that I had prepared earlier. As the small sea creature came in contact with the cool water, its long limbs spread out and it glided to the center of the tank. It hovered for a short while, as it surveyed its new surroundings. It caught […]

Stare into the Light

I sat still and idle, chewing a plastic pen whilst staring at an open text book that lay on the desk before me. My eyes scanned the words that ran across its pages, however my brain wasn’t taking any of it in, despite my best efforts. The harder I tried to continue reading the page, […]

The Rose

He pushed open a small wooden gate and made his way into the rich blooming garden. An archway of green vines extended before him, sea blue flowers blossomed all around. Bringing with them the sweet smell of an ocean breeze. He closed his eyes drew a deep breath through his nose. It felt as if […]


He stood at the chamber entrance, a lone silhouette staring down into the gently torch lit corridor before him. Almost silently, he descended down the small set of stairs that led deeper into the earth. With an outstretched arm, his fingers glided across the smooth stone walls that encompassed him. It wasn’t long before he […]